Covert happenings and shady revelry at basement bar pop-up

Report for business immediately at The Site Office, and you'd better have the password ready to avoid being kicked to the curb. We should mention that the business in question is the rather serious business of cocktail consumption. Lurking somewhere in The Jewellery Quarter, The Site Office is one speakeasy that takes great pains to protect its privacy. As enigmatic as Diagon Alley, and as hard to penetrate, the fascinating quality of this fashionable basement bar only increases upon entry. 

The space is miniature, celebrating the raw quality of its exposed brick walls and rather dingy concrete ceilings with mellow candlelight. Luxury and comfort are provided by way of a smattering of Chesterfield armchairs glowing in the low light. Some bizarre and faded oil paintings grace the walls to lend a rickety sense of contrast. Contraband doesn't even begin to cover it. 


Enigmatic charm and undercover thrills aplenty at this elusive treasure trove of a bar. 

With such an atmosphere of undercover hedonism to live up to, it makes sense that the cocktails range from the opulent to the experimental. The Black Cow is concocted using vodka made from Cornish Cow's milk and Dos Maderas shows off its aged dark rum intensity. Defiantly rejecting the notion that nothing good happens after 3am, The Site Office only tentatively opens its doors at 10pm to continue its heady mix of secrecy and debauchery until way into the night. 

The Site Office is located somewhere in The Jewellery Quarter and passwords are revealed on its facebook page.