We try out the Spit Wine and Spirit School at The Plough

Published . By Maygen Carruthers.

Spit Wine and Spirit School can be found inside newly renovated private rooms upstairs at The Plough in Harborne. What you can expect is a little different from other wine tasting evenings you may have gone to. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, with quirky facts to learn, as well as some seriously decent wines to try.

James Thewlis, Spit Founder, passionately walks you through a well-thought-out list of wines; chosen for their individual character, original tasting notes, perhaps not-too-common grape variety or production methods, and moreish aromas. You’re given little titbits of information as you go along, which I think is a nice touch to enhance the things you take away from the evening. As a little bonus, there are also some snacks on offer, not simply to line the stomach, but to enrich the understanding of the wines and how they change on the palate. Some of it is really mind-blowing!

spit wine and tasting school birmingham

The Spit Wine and Spirit School in Birmingham is a great way to learn all of the good stuff about grapes.

Wine Tasting Notes and Examples: 

Wine 1 : Gouguenheim Malbec Bubbles NV

  • Tip: This winery only produces 110,00 bottles per year.
  • Tasting notes: Red fruits aromas and soft tones.

Wine 2 : Los Haroldos Torrontes 2014 Argentina

  • Tip: A top 5 leading Argentine producer of fine wines.
  • Tasting notes: Passion fruit and orchard fruits. Well balanced and rounded.

I had a really great time doing this. I tried some wonderful wines, I met some lovely people, and it was just a really pleasant way to spend an evening. The cost isn’t insane. You can go as a couple, or a group would be fun, too. I’d even go so far as to say you could go alone; the atmosphere is that relaxed and welcoming.  

I hope James and the team do well with this venture! It’s a yes from me.

Tickets to the Spit Wine and Spirit School can range between £15-£355 depending on the WSET level of the event.