Watch classic films in the sun at the Outdoor Street Food and Film Festival

Outdoor Street Food and Film Festival

Sun, food and a whole roster of classic films: what more could you want?

*SNIIIIIIIIF* You smell that? That is the smell of summer, folks, because it’s in full swing and just dying for you to take advantage of it. So why don't you do it at Rum Runner Yard's Outdoor Street Food and Film Festival for a series of open air screenings of your favourite films complete with deck chairs and street food.

Pay a visit to Regency Wharf to catch a number of classic films, ranging from modern fairy tale Edward Scissorhands to bloody classics like Pulp Fiction, to kid’s screenings showing films like Pixar’s Ratatouille (at cheaper prices too). With it being outside and with this country flipping from hot to cold every day like the subject of a Katy Perry song, they’ve got ponchos for the rain and blankets should it all take a turn for the worse. But if all that wasn’t enough, you’ve also got street food included in your ticket price from some of the finest traders in the city. So grab your shorts, bring both sun cream and an umbrella, and go enjoy the summer outside just like your mum used to tell you to do.

The Outdoor Street Food and Film Festival is open from 28th July until 2nd September at Regency Wharf, with tickets ranging from £8 to £15. They can be bought here and on our site.