Now we don't know if still you remember them; they were a format that came before DVD's, looked like giant cassette tapes and just so happened to be the original way in which people watched's VHS of course! And whilst this elusive, somewhat stone age way of watching films died out due to digital back in the early noughties, there are a firm few looking to celebrate this vintage format in Birmingham this August 31st. Hailed as the city's first ever VHS Carnival, this unique event at Muthers Studio in Digbeth caters to all those that had a hard time letting their video tapes go.

Muthers Studio in Digbeth host Birmingham's first ever VHS Carnival this August 31st with unique screenings and DJs in tow.

Kicking things off at 8pm with a gallery, or some may say graveyard of vintage VHS covers and boxes, the night moves on to a talk from the elusive Viva VHS who documents the highs and often lows of VHS collecting. But you want some more insight? Stick around until 10pm where an exclusive screening of Levi Peretic and Dan Kinem's 'Adjust Your Tracking' promises to capture the love of VHS in its very own collecting culture. Boasting DJ sets from Andy Black Forest and Bethany McKnight as the evening moves on, Birmingham's first VHS Carnival will erupt into a party of 80's pop and post punk come sundown. 

So why not grab a tipple at the bar for this long lost art, (let's call it art) and raise a toast to the VHS' of days gone by for just £5 on the door!