While the face above is only in fact a chin, you may recognise this chin as punk rock star John Otway slurping away on one of The Electric Cinema's first very own ales.

Already a chipper little hubbub of cool in the city, Birmingham's and one of the UK's oldest working cinema's only had to go and up the ante when it came to unique flair. Not content with a selection of ale already stocked in their petite 1920s bar, The Electric Cinema fancied a flavour all their very own. Championing the handy work of local and ever popular ale aficionado's Two Towers Brewery, The Electric Cinema politely asked the brewers to produce a tipple all their very own. A zingy treat supported by a selection of mixed fruits and toffee flavours, the 'Electric Ale' is a sweet number at 4.1% that has already been snapped up by punk rock's John Otway. Now Two Towers, where is our DesignMyNight Birmingham pale ale then?