Cool and quirky club in Birmingham, Suki10c is facing a possible noise abatement order after a host of complaints – but they aren’t giving up easily!

Clubs in Digbeth are known for some of Brum’s quirkiest and creative club nights with Suki10c of no exception. Opening last year, Suki10c hoped to add to underground clubs in Birmingham, with graffiti style and a focus on great DJ nights and live music. The venue is now under threat from the council following noise complaints.


It’s never been easy for Suki10c, facing complaints from the start; the situation has now become critical for this club in Digbeth. In a statement on their Facebook page Suki10c say the council are on the verge of issuing a noise abatement order. As well as this, there have been people requesting for their license to be called in for review. The result of which could be having their opening times curtailed or a ban on noise from the venue altogether.

In the same statement, the club say they faced a choice; to give up and close or to fight against the allegations. They have chosen to fight and hosted their first fundraiser ‘SOS: Save Our Suki10c” on June 23rd. They have also part 2 scheduled July 26th. The proceeds of which will go towards the legal fees, which they fear could rise to as much as £10,000. Whether or not Suki10c will be victorious remains to be seen but with a strong following they sure have the Digbeth crowd behind them!