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Beach Man in Birmingham? Moseley hope to make that wild dream your reality. 

We all know the advert now don't we..... The low swoon of an 'ohhh yeahhh' and Beach Man sauntering his way down sand in nothing but a scantily clad pair of Speedo's, it could only be Southern Comfort's latest 'Whatever's Comfortable' bid. Now we're all for spoofs, and it looks like Birmingham's favourite independent suburb could be going for a recreation.

With former Lib Dem Councillor for Moseley and Kings Heath tweeting that he would love to recreate this advert in our fair suburb, it looks like Moseley could see a little more flesh than usual. Backed by Moseley's best bars including The Prince of Wales, Southern Comfort could have a new Speedo contender on their hands with local businesses coughing up the cash for Martin Mullaney to go through with it. Oh matron!