Gardening and boozing? All in a day's work down at Dad's Allotment in Selly Park, Birmingham. 

Ever wondered where your Dad has been POTtering off to all those warm Summer evenings? We've got a pretty good idea of where you might find him and it's not what you may think. Dad's been telling you he's off to the allotments hasn't he, but did you know that the charming Dad's Allotment in Selly Park has its very own bar? And what with pints coming in a £2.20 a pop, that economical chap of yours has been lapping up nature's delights and sipping on an ice cold brew in the company of fellow enthusiastic gardeners. 

We're not one to dob gardeners in now are we, but the next time someone says they've had a hard day weeding down at the allotments, you'll be sure to think twice.