Last weekend the cheeky ladies at Companis hosted one of their naughty dining experiences in the form of 'The Rude Food Fiesta' and I was lucky enough to check it out. Not sure what to expect, we headed inside and were greeted by a plethora of naughty treats, titillating tipples and filthy games that had us giggling and cringing all at the same time!

The folks at Companis sure know a thing or two about rude food boasting a regalia of lewd tipples and dishy, dirty antics!

From fancy dress and saucy decor to a ballsy (quite literally) clothes lines, the place had been transformed. We made it through the gigantic mouth-shaped entrance just in time for raunchy races and real ale relays, a belly tickling source of entertainment; particularly when the water pistols (full of cocktails) came out! Brum laureate Katrice Horsely then did her thing with some smutty story telling, channelling a modern day Mills and Boone whilst the folks at Moselele led the way for music over the course of the day with three sets brimming with cheeky innuendo clad tracks. Remember that Southpark Chef classic? Who'd have thought they had such a hilariously want side! With a final set from The Charity Shop DJ, cheesy tunes spread over the courtyard - mature cheese of course; finishing this rude food bonanza with an almighty bang!

Porky pies and rude roast peppers, Rude Food Fiesta saw Birmingham Street Food take a naughty twist.

As for the food, there were tons of rude twists and hot sauces, even the winners of BBC Good Food made an appearance with their tasty treats! The drinks got a Companis style makeover too, with a unique menu of raunchy cocktails and shots to get you in the rudey foodie spirit of things, along with tasty gin cocktails served in vintage china tea cups. Not to mention the real ale, where you could pop in for a pint of Golden Shower... no, really! Delivering everything it promised and a whole lot more, The Rude Food Fiesta in Birmingham was a day of tongue in cheek giggles and games that I won't be forgetting in a hurry!