Eat the Street Fierce Festival Birmingham

Eat the Street serves up the child reviewer. See this little dude telling them how it is - classic. (Image credits:

Warning: this content hasn't been approved for adult viewing.

Children know best ... said no one. Ever. Mainly because it's definitely not true. Naturally honest, endearingly naive, cheeky and cute - these are all values that slowly diminish as the days grow old, along with our faces unfortunately. With restaurant reviewing as one of the most notoriously ruthless and unapologetic practices in the food industry, why not whack a kids opinion into the mix? They know what they like and they certainly know what they don't like. Forget the table manners for a second and ignore the food encrusted clothing cos these kids have something to say. 

Pre-mature and primed with some of the finest food Birmingham has to offer, a group of tantalising twelve year olds are trained in the fine art of reviewing (basically arming them with a knife and fork and saying 'Eat'). As part of this years Fierce Festival, these kids will troll the streets of Brum toddling from famed eateries such as Piccolino to Bodega to Manzils and even on to the Michelin star awarded Simpsons judging meals, service and toilet flushes!? 

Not to worry, high chairs have been ordered in abundance. With tickets available to observe the kids in action, grab some popcorn because you're in for a show. The first review takes place at Piccolino on the 4th with one every evening until the 8th Oct.