New Everyman Cinema Mailbox Birmingham

Beer goggles go awry for 3D ones as Everyman Cinemas bring their plush movie experience to the heart of the Midlands.

Be gone wistful packets of noisy crisps as the going gets interesting, wave goodbye to might-as-well-be-a-slab-of-stone cinema seats, say sayonara to peeling wallpapers and surprisingly comforting sticky floors; there's a new cinema sheriff set to arrive in town. 

Bringing their brand of luxury cinema screenings to the heart of our very own Mailbox, Everyman Cinema's will finally give the towns folk of Brum a reason to spend so much wonga on cinema tickets, what when the experience is so darn lush. From state of the art screening rooms and 3D functionality to a fully licensed bar boasting fine wines, creative cocktails and a 'rustle-free' food selection for in the cinema, Everyman will be a stirling new addition to the heart of the Mailbox complex. Drinks before the cinema, a bottle for after? Anything goes at this upcoming plush new movie mecca.