Determined to defend our tasty turf to the end, Birmingham's Brum Yum Yum have invited some of the best street vendors in London for a feisty bout of food themed fisticuffs this coming October with only one city set to be left standing.

Kicking off, literally, this October 10th at The Old Print Works in Moseley, Flavaclash has invited some big name faces on the street food scene to show their worth when it comes the grub they whip up, the happy moans and groans they get from satisfied customers and their foodie flair. In the London corner we have lean, mean burger purveyors Burger Bear and Austrian connoiseur's Fleisch Mob; whilst in the Birmingham corner? It's South American sizzlers The Mexican Bean and 'sultans of salad', Deli at Edgbaston.

Ready to uncover who's got the brawn when it comes to homemade flavours and sizzling street food treats?

The first ever tag-team street food event of its kind in Birmingham, Flavaclash looks set for further bouts of deliciousness in the coming months, with a winner sure to be crowned between the two cities. Free, and yes we said free, ringside seats not only mean a bountiful selection of street food the UK over at October's event, but a cracking night in the city too. Boasting DJs from London and Birmingham the like, our fair city invites Vinnie T. and Gold Dubs to spin on the decks whilst the UK's capital brings Horton Juniper along for the ride as the knockout isn't set to stop once the food has been flung.

From premium grub and DJ vibes to a cocktail bar that will be whipping up flavoursome treats, Flavaclash is set to be a a ruckus until the very end. So hows about it folks? Ready for a belly rumble in the jungle? And whilst we do love our DesignMyNight London brothers and sista's, COME ON THE BRUM.