We're British, are queues not our 'thing'?

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

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Whilst a new drinks app doesn't spout the end of a need for bartenders, could it spark an end to the need for bar banter?

With the launch of Q App, a currently London only mobile app that lets you order your drinks and pay for them with no need to visit the bar itself, we were wondering what this amassing of technology could serve the bar scene. Personally, i'm a massive fan of badgering bar staff senseless, in the nicest of terms of course; these folks are the ones making your drinks and wetting your guzzle, I like to know who's doing that and how, especially with cocktails. But, with the introduction of Q App, bar staff that may have taken a fancy to my useless nattering no longer need to hear it (I know, unlucky for them); instead, bar staff need only alert you via the app once your drinks are ready for collection.

So, are queues at bars so blinding at bars these days that we need an app to suffice our liquid refreshment? Or this a great way to ensure that bars, previously insulted on their service alone, can maintain a more bespoke touch with their guests? Let us know!