If fanciful cocktails and mixology make you twiddle your thumbs in despair, then there's a new dog in town when it comes to unique drinks crafted with unique flavours. Since opening the tenth branch of their bar in Birmingham back in November 2012, Brewdog have been leading, enticing and reminding Birmingham drinkers of a global beer revolution.

Now, craft beer may not come as a surprising new venture to many, but what with a sincere lack of craft beer locally available in Birmingham for some time, it's great to see the ball finally rolling. Even if that is just on one street in Brum

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Brewdog are leading the charge when it comes to unique beers in Birmingham

Whilst many may consider Brewdog the top dog when it comes to craft beers, there are certainly a few bars and pubs in Birmingham hoping to cater this niche crowd. Take The Victoria on John Bright Street for instance. Part of the cool and quirking Bitters 'N' Twisted chain, The Victoria have slowly but surely upped their game when it comes to these unique beverages. Stocking a petite yet ample range of craft beers behind the bar, including everything from The Kernel to Bristletoe, The Victoria are weaving their way to the top of the list when it comes to venues stocking the most unique of flavours.

With so many new and exciting ventures occurring, and about to occur on the Birmingham bar scene, it's great to see that craft beer doesn't look set to get left behind.