Satisfy that breakfast 'Kraving' - Cereal Killer Cafe to open in Birmingham

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Cereal Killer Cafe to open in Birmingham

Beds, retro posters and all the '90s decors are the least we expect at The Birmingham Cereal Killer Cafe.

Is this the end of the Birmingham we know and love, heralded in with fire, brimstone and Cocopops? Or is it the beginning of a beautiful, new, milk-filled chapter of our quirky city? Whatever you feel about London, a taste of the big smoke is coming to Brum. The Cereal Killer Cafe is heading to Birmingham's Bullring bringing with it more than 100 varieties of cereal, 20 types of milk and a shedload of sugary shakes. 

Forget the Frosties - America's greatest cereals will be lining the shelves, from Apple Jacks and Hershey's Cookies and Cream to Lucky Charms. For those who fancy a taste of the continent, there will also be European bowls as well as all our British favourites. If cereal ain't your bag, fear not; there's also pop-tarts and toast topped with spreads such as party rings and Crispy M&Ms - the healthy option then. The sugar-filled fun doesn't stop there, the milkshake menu is loaded with the kind of ingredients your mum would have had a heart-attack at; Unicorn Poop comes with Ricicles, Party Rings, Fluff, Marshmallows, hundreds and thousands and semi-skinned milk while Chocopottomus is blended Cocopops, Krave, Kinder Happy Hippo, Chocolate Milk.

If the Birmingham restaurant is anything like its London counterparts, there will be some serious '90s throw backs, get ready for regression into your childhood with retro posters, single beds and cereal-box toys. Open from 8am - 8pm, eating bowls of cereal for lunch and dinner just got socially acceptable rather than just 'I'm having a quarter-life crisis'.