24 hour rave confirmed birmingham

It's time to get prepping as Birmingham's first ever 24 hour rave is confirmed, and the party stakes are high.

Got a dancing reputation to rely on? Remember the good ol' days when 24 hour raves weren't a highly organised event, they were merely a regular weekend? Prepared to dance your way to infamy, no matter the tootsy cost?

Just as the infamous 'Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat' music video might have it, Birmingham is getting ready for its first ever 24 Hour Rave, as it was recently confirmed to go ahead in a secret city location this September. Preparing to unite genres and people the globe over for a wholly unique party endeavour, this 24 hour shindig, toting a unique warehouse venue, will see even the most hardened of party goers being put to the ultimate DJ test.  And what with tickets coming in at £24 (of course, it had to be 24 whole smackers) and proceeds going to charity, this not only looks like one of September's most unique events, it looks set to be an incredibly conscious one too. Keep a look out in the near future as tickets not only go on sale, but the DJ line-up is sure to be announced.