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Flourishing more than we ever thought it would, the Birmingham nightlife stormed our expectations in 2013 with a battering of brand new openings, top notch shindigs and a wealth of new tipples. But what does 2014 have in store for our fair city? We've got a few ideas rattling around in our noggins:

John Bright Street

John Bright Street went slightly by the wayside in 2012, but when craft beer connoisseurs Brewdog barked their way on down the road, this quiet little street soon picked up. Now with Cherry Reds by their side and the prospect of new West End style club Livu soon to open, we think that 2014 has a bounty of plans in store for this previously disregarded street. A craft beer quarter? We ruddy well hope so. 

Street Food

Bow down at the altar of street food, it's set to be your new religion in 2014. Sure to be a big year for street food vendors and companies in the city, the likes of Digbeth Dining Club and Brum Yum Yum are sure to erupt with a treasure trove of new Summer events and tasty vendors, especially after the awards and recognition they received back in 2013. Pipping London to the post at the Street Food Awards was it DDC? You go girl. 

street food birmingham

Punters eye up scruptious goods at one of the best street food events in the city, Digbeth Dining Club.

Creative Concoctions

Cocktails are ultimately nothing new in Birmingham, but the new way that they are being made, is. Throwing pre-made packets by the wayside and opting for creativity instead of mere ease, Birmingham is undergoing a cocktail revolution, with 2014 only sure to spurn this theme on. From homemade bitters and the likes of toothpaste flavoured rum at The Jekyll and Hyde to sweet based treats at Island Bar, no cocktail gets left behind in 2014. 

Out With The Old, In With The Old

Hey you, with your fancy schmancy gadgets and your tablet for a book, skedaddle; Birmingham's undergoing a vintage revival and you're not invited. Whilst 2014 is sure to be a year of going forward, we're rather chuffed that so many new bars are set way back. From the kitsch new creativity of The Village and the vintage shores of The Rose Villa Tavern to the knick knack sodden Plough, old and dusty just got a new lease of life, and we're expecting more of this in the year to come; be it vintage inspired cocktails, or parties. 

village pub moseley birmingham

The Village may be a brand new pub in Birmingham, but they're keeping their toes dipped in vintage waters.

Stars and Stripes

We're fans of our British heritage as much as the next man or woman, but Birmingham is a city of global culture and it looks like there's set to be a new sheriff in town. With The Rose Villa Tavern having recently introduced their New York deli inspired menu, Brewdog stocking a wealth of American craft beers and The Church taking the city to South America with Picklebacks and grub, Birmingham looks set to discover a touch of the Stateside this year, and our tums are sure looking forward to it.

american food in birmingham

A magnitude of portion sizes, slatherings of 'slaw and pulled pork are going to invigorate the way we chow down on a night out in the city.

So there we have it, five predictions for what the Birmingham nightlife may have in store for 2014. But what do you think? Are we on point or way off the marker?