New bar spy - Grace + James

European-style deli brings wine shop, small plates, and craft beer to Kings Heath

Grace + James

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May 2018

What they say:

Grace + James is a family-owned wine shop, bar, and deli. Experienced in catering and buying food and wine, this will be Sophie and Henry Poultney's first bar venture. The main attraction, the shop, features more than 100 different wines, local and national craft beers, and spirits. Keeping things trendy, their selection of cheeses, charcuterie, eggs, milk, and bread are sourced locally. The popular movement towards natural and biodynamic wines will be a focus at Grace + James, bringing a spotlight to independent wine producers. 

What we say:

Grace + James takes on the style of European enoteca delis, which also function as wine bars. Shoppers can make their purchases before indulging in cheese and charcuterie platters and a selection of wine by the glass. If you're feeling a bit more than a glass, a small fee will give you the choice of any bottle from the shelves. For a special night out, attend one of their wine tastings events such as "Meet the Winemaker" and "An Introduction to Natural Wines".