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Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

6-10 Hockley Street, Birmingham, B18 6BL. View on map.

If converted buildings, flecks of a forged history and fresh decor are everything that you look for in a Birmingham bar, then make haste to the Jewellery Quarter. Diamonds aren't the only gem's to be found in the JQ, The Drop Forge is there too. 

The Venue

The venue and decor have to be one of the biggest selling points when it comes to this Jewellery Quarter bar. Two floors brimming with quaint brick-clad nooks and crannies make The Drop Forge such a charming place to wander. Retaining the iron clad roots of a building that was once home to a forgery, The Drop Forge is a mix of steel steps, iron works and cosy vintage chesterfield sofa's that are cleverly offset with booming paned windows that drench the bar in natural light.  

There's a great little secret to this Birmingham wine bar too, tucked in between the traditional buildings on the very top floor is a rooftop terrrace; petite, but big enough to fit around 7-8 tables, this wee little sun-trap was a great spot to spot for a drink.

drop forge review

Traditional, historic and fresh, The Drop Forge is a charming maze of interesting nooks and crannies.

The Drink

Of all the places I was expecting to serve everything from Jaegerbombs to four different types of Ale on tap, The Drop Forge wasn't one of them, but you'll be pleasantly suprised by what they harbour behind the bar. Going for a small glass of crisp white at little more than £3, the prices were pretty reasonable and the drinks list reliable, with favourites to be found on every list.

drop forge review 2

The Drop Forge have everything from international wines to local ales on tap.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Wednesday afternoons in Birmingham? Watching the hay bales roll by? Possibly, but The Drop Forge still had a very reasonable amount of visitors for afternoon tipples. If you're after a relaxing mid-week bevvie then you'll be joining a friendly few at The Drop Forge. 

Whilst Birmingham may be known as a weekend destination and The Drop Forge certainly isn't a heel-clad DJ den, it's still a bar that could compete for atmosphere props. I'd more than recommend trying on a Saturday evening where I don't doubt that Birmingham's more mature clientele give this lovely bar a good old seeing to. 

drop review 3

The Drop Forge is a great place for afternoon tipples during a busy Birmingham week.


The Drop Forge in Birmingham feels like an amazing all-rounder; from their loyalty to tradition to their loyalty to modernity, this Birmingham bar is a vibrant mix of great style and great attitudes that make it a must for anyone making their way to the Jewellery Quarter anytime soon. 


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