Birmingham's not necessarily known for its rampant fields and fertile farm life, but Fleet Street Kitchen have brought local produce in as a promise not just a menu feature. Echoing their fresh and vibrant farmhouse feel, Fleet Street Kitchen ensure great food....and even a secret bar hiding downstairs. 

The Venue

If you're looking for pastures new then venture to this fresh and vibrant venue in Summer Row. Impressing us from the outset, Fleet Street Kitchen is farmhouse madness gone chic. From its marble top work surfaces and refurbished dining tables to its white wooden slats, every detail has been taken into account at FSK making it a comfortable countryside venture that certainly doesn't call for wellies. 

What's most interesting about Fleet Street Kitchen though, is what's hiding downstairs. Asking one of the waitresses to let us venture down, we were hurried through a mirrored wall to an almighty and decadent bar below. From chandeliers to leather booths, this is a weekend retreat for the fanciful ladies and gents in all of us. 


Stylish and fresh, Fleet Street Kitchen looks as wholesome as it is cosmopolitan. 

The Food and Drink

There's no pretention when it comes to the menu at Fleet Street Kitchen, especially when sausage sandwiches come as a menu regular. Tucking into one of these lunchtime treats myself, the restaurant bar's 'farm to fork' philosophy is almost immediately obvious. These were no Sainsbury's sausages folks, just great British grub for great British farmers at great prices with a top notch sandwich and whips coming in at a very reasonable £7.

Wine is a great accompaniment to any meal at Fleet Street Kitchen, what with their wine menu boasting an almighty plethora of worldwide wines; these tipples being possibly one of the only times when FSK venture further than our green pastures. 

fsk blog 2

If your tummy is partial to locally grown produce then the Fleet Street Kitchen menu is for you.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

While weekday lunchtimes at Fleet Street Kitchen seem reserved for Birmingham diners in their early 30's to early 40's with lunch a wholly relaxed affair, we were told that it's the weekends when Fleet Street Kitchen truly comes alive. Thanks to the downstairs bar hosting live music every Friday and upstairs home to swathes of Birmingham winers and diners, I don't doubt that a weekend visit for the gang is on the agenda!


 Dress up to get down at Fleet Street Kitchen as weekends are when the party comes alive. 


Whilst we may have missed out on the party, what with visiting on a weekday, Fleet Street Kitchen still managed to tickle our tastebuds and eyes alike thanks to its promising British menu and delicious decor. A must for anyone looking for great grub in this great city.