The Plough - Bar Review

Right on Harborne High street, The Plough is an inviting vision of homely wonder. I wasn’t the only one who thought so, everyone and his dog loves this place. And I don’t doubt why.

The Venue

The Plough is one of those pubs that you go past and think, ‘ooo that looks nice…’. On entering, you won’t be disappointed, I may have even said to myself, ‘oooooo, this is nice’. The whole place is well decorated with a homely-industrial-garden feel running throughout and a well thought out design, brought to its best in the fantastic beer garden. The whole back entrance opens up like one of those 'fancy houses' you only see on Grand Designs, and, as Kevin McCloud says, ‘brings the outside, in’. It is a lovely space, especially when the outside world is so unpredictable. Outside and in, you will see lots of distressed wood, hot-dog light boxes, imaginative lighting and plant holders that add to The Plough's overall rustic design.


A modern blend of the industrial with the vintage, The Plough is a treat for your peepers.

The Food and Drink

You won’t find your average pub grub being served at this popular drinking hole and eatery; stonebaked pizzas, gourmet burgers, brunch and afternoon tea are instead the order of the day. The vegetarian options are delicious, speaking as a herbivore myself, however things can get little limiting compared to the extensive choices of our fellow carnivores. Luckily, the holy grail of vegetarian cuisine can be found at The Plough, the vegetarian roast dinner. Tah dah! All dishes served at The Plough have the little extra touch of care which makes the extra few quid you will be paying worthwhile.

Drinks-wise, The Plough is a bar in Harborne that can certainly cater to your needs. There are your usuals on draught, cask ales all over the shop and a cracking wine menu which can make you appear a connoisseur with its honest categorisation; Decent, Great and Top Notch. A very handy system when trying to impress the expectant face of your chum or lover across the table with your non-existent wine expertise. And if that is all too much, take note that the house white is yummy and fairly priced.

Vegetarians and carnivores unite, there's a tasty host of wholesome grub for you all.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The Plough appeals to everyone; guests vary from the wise and mature sipping on whisky, to sparky young locals working their way through the wine list, and kids are more than welcome too. All the staff seem to genuinely want to ensure you have a good time at their establishment. The staff are young, cool and happy people but they happen to wear no uniform, making them a tad difficult to distinguish. Something I learned when I was asked if drinks were allowed outside, by a mature man in a cravat. I kindly informed the gentlemen they are, but I don’t actually work here. Oh how we laughed.

As I said, it can get pretty busy, even on week nights, so booking may well be a good shout if you are planning on eating. But the atmosphere is always friendly, and relaxed. The Plough is a great place to just kick back and chill out or go for a more casual date.

Buzzing all week long, The Plough is as vibrant a bar in Harborne as its decor promises.


This is a great place to take anyone and everyone you know; a place which is both pleasing on the eye and the stomach. With loads of offers on food throughout the week, more than enthusiastic staff and a damn good quiz night, The Plough can become a regular fixture for the old and or young.