The Edgbaston Cocktail lounge to reaffirm Edgbaston as the Mayfair of Birmingham
18 Highfield Road, Birmingham, B15 3DP
Splash the Cash £££
Type of Venue

What they say:

Exchanging contracts with Calthorpe Estates, 5-star Warwickshire hotel and bar The Kenilworth secured their second venture in the leafy suburb of Edgbaston. Set to feature three stylish cocktail lounges in a traditional Georgian building on Highfield Road, The Edgbaston hope to mimic the stylish whips and premium ratings of their sister hotel with golden flecks and an exclusive style. In an aim to make Edgbaston an upcoming and attractive new area, The Edgbaston will surely be a premium leisure destination. 

What we say:

If Edgbaston wanted to secure itself as the Mayfair of Birmingham, then a plush cocktail bar is the right way to go about it. With their sister hotel The Kenilworth boasting 5 star ratings and a pricey clientele, we don't doubt that the rankings for these cocktails will be sky high. With a style that mimics that of cool and collected The Kenilworth bar, this cocktail bar in Birmingham is sure to be a slick and trendy location brimming with velvet style, gold flecks and jet-black flair; perfect for a more exclusive night out in Birmingham's second city.