Island Bar - Cocktail Bar Review


An exotic retreat nestled in amongst Birmingham's buildings, Island Bar is hailed and known as being one of the only tiki themed cocktail bars in Birmingham. Brimming with tasty treats, adventurous flavours and quirky decor, Island Bar is your tip top pub alternative. Try something a little different in Birmingham this weekend and take your tastebuds on holiday to Island Bar. 

The Venue

Split between two floors, there's clearly an interesting divide between the two bars that sit in this reasonably small but big on character venue. Downstairs, although potted with hula girl paraphenalia and inflatable beach ring ceiling lights, feels like the broody big brother to the quirky exotic lodge hiding upstairs.

Head on up and you'll find the somewhat quirky and vibrant alternative to the slicker cocktail bar downstairs. Walls smothered in tiki artwork, a straw clad bar, stage and vintage leather chesterfields make for a consistent tiki treat for the eyes. I did ask about the possible addition of a beach to the upstairs stage, but i'll have to let you know on that progress at a later date. 

island bar review 1

 Fun and vibrant, Island Bar is an exotic retreat in an industrial town.

The Drink

From cocktail classics to unique Island inventions, Island Bar have thought about every cocktail punter in the city. The majority priced at an incredibly reasonable £5.75, cocktails in Island Bar need to be tasted to be believed. Starting off with the 'Ain't No Don', a cocktail creation all their very own, I was amazed by the taste. Sure, Island Bar claim to have the very best cocktails in the city, but I didn't know that they meant it! Sitting with a colleague sipping on his own 'Mi Amour', a little whisper of 'this is the best cocktail I've ever had' left his lips before we lost him again in his tasty treat.

Island Bar really do have their bar staff trained to a pinnacle and fully understand the unique culture behind the true art of mixology. I was impressed to find that regardless of time constraints, your drink will be made to perfection. How this might fare on a busy weekend? We're hoping to find out again soon!

island bar review 1

Tiki treats are served all night long at one of the best cocktail bars in town.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Whilst we may have visited Island Bar on a not so busy Wednesday in Birmingham, there's clearly a constant flow of people visiting all week long that leaves this place packed to brimming at the weekend. The bar tenders act as the prime entertainment in this venue with their persistently fun banter and extravagant cocktail making antics.

Home to Birmingham's young, cool and adventurous, Island Bar's clientele is clearly something to do with the unique nature of the theme they've adopted. Full of local indie patrons and cool cats, I'd say that Island Bar definitely felt more at home in amongst Birmingham's alternative crowd.

island bar review 3

Prepared to be dazzled by the craft work behind some of these incredible cocktails


Maroon me here with a cocktail in hand! An incredibly adventurous bar with the adventurous cocktails to match, Island Bar is a brilliant place to take your friends on a break from the working week. Impressed with the effort behind all aspects of this bar!