Brewdog - Bar Review

Birmingham are lucky enough to be the hosts of Brewdog's 10th bar in the country and by whoopie cake have they done them proud. Slick decor, cleverly crafted drinks and a more than cool clientele make this bar a must visit for Birmingham's beer lovers. 

The Venue

It's no wonder that Brewdog is hailed as an urban drinking jungle the UK over, with Birmingham's bar being no exception. Littered with brick archways and glittered with trendy bulb light features, Brewdog has their modern urban aesthetics down to a T. Remember those stools from Chemistry class, you can bet they've got a few of those too in this . Downstairs is where things get a little cosier though, still putting bricklayers to shame with their walls, the downstairs private area features vintage sofa's, seats and quirks in a petite and dimly lit small room. 


The brick-work, the sleek edges, the tailor made booths; Brewdog is a sweet sweet site for the eyes. 

The Drink

Now this is no place to be shy when it comes to hops and malts. Opting for an adventure and dabbling in the bar's quaintly named 'Dead Pony Club' I was impressed by the measures this bar go to to ensuring every beer is made to a premium standard with these bar tenders knowing how to pull and pour. While not the cheapest drink at £4.05, you're paying for everything from the effort put into the cultivation of these bevvies to the branding too. Branding which inherently makes their drinks an adventure to be savoured with everything from 'Riptide' to '5am Saint' on the menu.

 brewdog review 2

 Be wowed by Brewdog's more than ample selection of drinks and guest craft beers alike. 

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Though not heaving on a Wednesday night in Birmingham, you can tell that Brewdog is set to be crawling with beer guzzling guests come the weekend, simply by the likes of those here in the middle of the week. Wearing all the right things with their hair in all the right ways, Brewdog has fans in amongst Birmingham's coolest indie clientele just as much as it does mature drinkers trying to broaden their palate. I loved the atmosphere in here and would happily visit again on any night of the week thanks to the laid back attitude of bartenders and guests alike. 

brewdog review 3

You're cool you think? Then Brewdog is the place to sit and drink. 


Brewdog have found a happy little niche and the Birmingham venue is no exception. With its slick urban tousled decor and relaxed trendy vibes,  this Birmingham bar is in a beery good league of its own and more than worth a quick nip in when you're down John Bright Street.