Cool & Quirky Events In Sydney

Bored of bog-standard parties? Done with the same dive bar every Friday night? Then we're here to champion something a little different in Sydney. From freaky festivals and unique pop-up events to unusual club nights, check out our guide some of the most cool and quirky events taking place in the city.

Last updated on 10th June 2019

Retrace the steps of some of Sydney's most notorious criminals at this spine-tingling experience. These tours will take you through historic sites stooped in dark history, while knowledgeable tour guides regale you with chilling tales of the true crimes that occurred there.

Bondi Comedy Club

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Sure, you've experienced the 1920s vibes at Spring Street Social, but have you experienced Bondi Comedy Club below? Popping up each Tuesday, there's live acts featuring some of the best comedians from Australis and around the world, as well as, ice cold beers and a tasty dinner menu.

@ Hiscoes Gym Surrey Hills on Every Thursday

Get all hot and sweaty in your florescent leotard as this cult workout class brings the '80s back to life. Raise your heartbeat with this retro session, featuring music from Michael Jackson, Bonnie Tyler, and many more of the greats.