Beast of Brixton - Buy now, party later! Beast Of Brixton Covid-19 Cash Flow Dinner Parties

Buy now, party later! Beast Of Brixton Covid-19 Cash Flow Dinner Parties
  • Valid 12 months from purchase


Help the Beast keep its lights on through the Coronavirus crisis!

We started The Beast Of Brixton from scratch 5 years ago and have built it up to be a favourite for London's party-goers, Sunday roast devotees, coffee aficionados and supper club foodies. It used to be just us, Jimmy and Will, behind the bar but now we employ a team of 8 people across three floors of bar, roast and our new cafe. That's 8 people with rent to pay and bills to cover at a dangerously uncertain time for independent hospitality businesses. Businesses where margins are thin at the best of times. Yesterday we had to lay off some of these people. To those affected, we're so sorry and we hope you can come back soon to do what you love.

Because of this we're now asking for you to help our business survive the Coronavirus crisis by supporting a series of dinner parties that we'll put on in a few months time, once it's safe to do so.

When these parties go ahead they'll be a celebration that we can prevail over this thing and London can become one of the world's greatest party towns once again! Until then, while things are tough you'll know that you've got a great night out to look forward to in the not too distant future.

Each voucher gets you:

A ticket to one of the dinner parties

A hearty meal with pudding (please state meat or vegan)

1/2 carafe of wine per person

Some of our DJ and musician buddies have already agreed to play these events and we're already excited to beat the economic effects this thing by doing what we do best- serving banging food and drinks to a soundtrack of all the best music in the world!

Thanks for your support, here's to a brighter day!

Jimmy, Will and Team Beast X

How to redeem

We'll be in touch to announce dates as soon as it's practical and safe to do so. There will be a selection of dates available with an opportunity for everyone to attend. This is a goodwill scheme and we thank you for entering into the spirit of it without full details of the timeline.

Buy now for events to be held in the future, dates TBC.

This voucher can be redeemed once only.

Redeemable at this venue


Voucher is only valid for the experience listed above, in a season of dates TBC. This voucher can not be exchanged for cash. Dates subject to availability, business viability and government public health advice. The voucher can only be redeemed once. The voucher will not be redeemed after the expiry date unless we have cause to extend the scheme and notify you in writing.