Here at DesignMyNight we stay on the ball by scouring London for the best bars, clubs, pubs and events so you don't have to. Naturally, this involves testing out the good, the bad and the quirky (it's a hard life...)

Stay up to date on the team's whereabouts right here! Take a look at what we have planned for this week:

Monday 12th November

It’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Monday this week! OK, that’s not an actual thing but try telling that to DMN Co-Founder Nick. He’s off to Chelsea’s swinging Honky Tonk bar and restaurant for some sliders, cocktails and questionable dance moves. 

Honky Tonk Chelsea


Tuesday 13th November

The Forbidden Temple in Clapham might sound like it could be Indiana Jones’ favourite stomping ground but it is in fact a popular bar, kitchen and late night club in the heart of Clapham.  We’re sending saaf-London homeboy and DesignMyNight content-whiz Lewis to sample all the bar has to offer, so make sure to check back for his review, ok? Yes? Great.

The Forbidden Temple Clapham Look loooooooook, The Forbidden Temple is just one of the cool bars in Clapham, there's loads!


Wednesday 14th November

Resident glamour-puss Simone is off to Beach Blanket Babylon Notting Hill on Wednesday night for a spot of opulent cuisine and cocktails. How Fancy.

Beach Blanket Babylon Notting Hill


Thursday 15th November

Keeping up the West London theme, Nick’s off to the cosy and colourful Hampshire Hog in Hammersmith for drinks and fun times. Though obviously we don’t want to admit winter is actually upon us, this is a great little place to get away from the cold for a drink or two, or seven.

The Hampshire Hog


Friday 16th November

Friday will be a very special day at DMN HQ – it’s only our lovely CTO’s birthday – Happy Birthday Will!

In other news, she’s at it again! Yes, cool-kid Georgiana is off to Regression Sessions at The Islington Metal Works for a night of adult childish fun! Yes, it’s all things immature in Islington on Friday with bouncy castles, ‘frape-stations’, a ball pit (!) and even a magician. What a way to welcome in the weekend!

The Islington Metal Works


Saturday 17th November

Drink, Shop and Dance is a haven of disco balls, fun activities and great cocktails annnddddd Naomi is going there on Saturday. If you (yes, you) haven’t been before it’s definitely one to check out.

Drink, Shop and Dance


Sunday 18th November

Ah Sunday, the day of rest. Well not for me, oh no no, I’m off to The Book Club in Shoreditch on Sunday for some ping-pong, drinks and to stare at the lightbulb ceiling! Here’s to Monday morning! 

The Book Club Shoreditch


...and that's pretty much how we see our week pan out. Set up a free account with us and let us know what you think of our featured venues by leaving a review!