Big Night Clubs in Manchester

Manchester club land is renowned across the club for its quality, history and size. With clubbing becoming the heavyweight hobby that it is, Manchester answered the call of the masses and has provided us with an incredible selection of big night clubs to cater for each dance floor dweller. So tie the laces on your favourite foot shakers as we take you through our selection of the best big night clubs in Manchester.

Last updated on 30th June 2021

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

Revolution on the popular Deansgate Locks is a safe bet for top quality tunes and a great atmosphere most nights of the week. A top notch selection of drinks and cocktails are provided to keep the dance floor fuelled, and the prices will keep your wallet in good shape as well. The weekends provide a dance floor suited for everybody and the weekdays are taken over by insanely popular student nights such as Pout. Make sure you head down to Revolution on the Locks to get your fix of one of the best big clubs in  Manchester.


The Warehouse Project

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The natural heir to the Hacienda throne, the now world famous Warehouse Project is the beating heart of the city's club life. Starting life in the Boddingtons brewery as an uncomplicated, stripped back format that showcased the spirit of clubbing in its rawest and simplest form. Now with an insatiable appetite for providing parties to the people of Manchester The Warehouse Project has managed to keep the feeling of reckless abandon that made it so attractive in the first place, but now is coupled with faultless production and planning making it a clubbing experience like no other in Manchester. Easily the biggest and definitely one of the best clubs in Manchester.

Fifth Nightclub

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A hugely popular club just off Oxford Road that provides a party atmosphere from start to finish. A great selection of music ranging from indie rock to dance floor fillers keep the huge crowds dancing until the early hours. The huge dance floor is surrounded by the overlooking balcony providing a place to watch the carnage unravel, that along with the cheap drinks prices make 5th Avenue one of the best feel good big clubs in Manchester.

FAC251 - The Factory

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Built on hallowed clubbing ground, Factory251 was destined for greatness from the start. Three floors of the venue are populated by club goers most nights of the week, and with different music on each floor, each night, there really is a bit of something for everybody. A great place to spend your nights throwing shapes to your favourite party tunes right in the heart of Manchester city centre.