Foamin' at the chops is no way to impress your peers, but these edible endeavours will steal their hearts, and their stomachs too. With Manchester's foodie buzz going into overdrive this summer, it seems as though the edible evolution has finally taken hold (yuh, like it wasn't here already). With new haunts and pop-up parties to lather your palate in, why not uncover the best events and dinner antics brought to you by some of Manchester's most delicious denizens. Keep your 'garms loose and your appetite hearty.

Cane and Grain

A Northern Quarter newbie that's already got bourbon babes and rib rustlers buzzing, Cane and Grain will be opening their doors this July in the city, bringing a serious selection of plates with them. From gin-infused watermelon salads and a £69 meat platter, to Mac 'n' Cheese and one of the biggest selections of ribs in the city, this is harder to write at lunchtime than you'll ever know. 'Ribs, Rum, Bourbon and Beer', we want it all and we want it right now.

cane and grain manchester food

(Photo Credit: Vincent Cole. Source: Manchester Evening News)

Disappearing Dining Club: Dinner Dance

Their second jaunt in the city, and set to be another summer sizzler, Disappearing Dining Club return to a secret location this 12th/26th July and 9th August in Manchester to retain their supper club title. A family-style meal of seasonal fare, following by a lil' arm flinging on the dance floor, 'Dinner Dance' is a deluxe night on the delicious tiles in some of Manchester's coolest industrial haunts.

Please note, this event has now been cancelled.

dinner dance manchester

Chuckling and chomping ensues as Disappearing Dining Club returns to the city.

Moretti Gran Tour

Golly, we don't half love that boot shaped babe and all the delizioso chow that she boasts. A pop-up street food festival taking residency in the heralded Old Granada Studios, Moretti Gran Tour arrives in the city this July 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th to showcase some of Italy's finest fare. Joined by street food patrons the likes of Pizza Pilgrims, Gelupo and Terrone & Co, with a little Birra Moretti liquid gold in tow, this is sure to be unique. C'mon you guys, PIZZA FREAKIN' PILGRIMS.

Buy your tickets here.

moretti manchester

Delve into Italy at the Old Granada Studios for a delicious pop-up street food festival this July.

Up In Your Grill

Get down 'n' dirty with the BBQ flirty. Boasting over 30 street food traders, over 20,000 chowing chums and a sweet location at the Brownsfield Mill, Up In Your Grill is one of the most talked about pop-up residencies of the summer. With its industrial innards, plates from the likes of Solita and Mughli, DJs and craft beer in tow, B.EAT STREET MCR'S latest 12 week jaunt has got us foaming at the chops. Yeah, we know, we said you shouldn't do that.

up in your grill manchester

(Photo Credit: Jack Kirwin Photography. Source: Up In Your Grill Facebook)