Top 5 Summer Cocktails in Manchester

Published . By Isabella Wardynska.

Summer. She's a beauty full of promise, sunshine and heavy drinking. So, we're helping you celebrate those baby blue skies by showing you the best of summer inspired cocktails in Manchester. Because, even when the sun isn't shining, we're here for you, with a drink in hand and that's what true friendship is all about. Cheers to that. 


Killing Monica - Be At One

She's a darling thing full of class and baby pink hues, but be warned, she's no pushover. Our Monica packs a punch of Absolut Elyx, rhubarb syrup, lemon juice and rhubarb bitters topped off with a bubbly boost of Mumm Rose Champagne. New to the Be At One block, this is one spritz to set off summer just right. 

Be At One Killing Monica Cocktail

Pretty in pink. 

Beached Cocktails - Revolucion De Cuba 

One sassy senorita, Revolucion de Cuba is a slice of Caribbean fun where summer isn't something that comes around once - it's a way of life. If you're feeling like a fiesta, this is the place to sink back from exotic drinks; their Beached Cocktails range hosts everything from your classic Margarita to a sweet sensation called Permanent Vacation with a 5 year old El Dorado Rum at the base. Oof.

Revolucion De Cuba

Berry, berry nice.  

Alexander's Best Friend - Pen & Pencil

Inspired by the original Mad Men of New York City, Pen & Pencil has that unbeatable cool, city swag that keeps you coming back for more. A den for creative cocktails too, the cobalt blue of this tipple caught our eye for some summer salvation: Warner Edwards Gin, triple sec, blue curacao, lemon juice, sugar and egg whites. A refreshing and let's face it, downright playful number. 

Pen & Pencil

Blue for you. 

Dirty Tuxedo - El Gato Negro

Self professed to be 'the cat's whiskers', this number comes straight from rustic espagne complete with olives and jamon. A neat and tidy hard-hitting mix of Tanqueray Gin and Fino Sherry awaits at the top floor Black Cat Cocktail Lounge where, if the weather is right, you'll get a view straight to the stars from their retractable roof. 

El Gato Negro

Ham in a cocktail = genius. 

Stratospheric - Cloud 23 

As the name may suggest, this beverage is no small feat. A contender for Britain's tallest cocktail, Stratospheric is definitely part of the bigger is better following. Inspired by the Beetham Tower in which Cloud 23 sits on top of, this one is £23 worth of Ciroc Red Berry & Tanqueray 10, Hibiscus, Raspberry, Passion Fruit and Citrus spalshed with Dom Perignon. OH BOY. 

Cloud 23

Panoramic views and showstopping cocktails are what summer is made for.