This Weekend's Club Picks: Lauren Lo Sung, Resonant 1st Birthday, The Underground and Friends

By James Brown.

After last weekends monster weekend of parading around the city listening to 'Le Freak', Shaun Reeves and anything by Thom Yorke, we felt that this weekend might be the perfect one to settle down and get re-acquainted with the sofa for a weekend of feet up, channel flicking boredom. Turns out the promoters of Manchester are a relentless bunch of party procuring maniacs that seductively trick us all into getting whoppered on a weekend with delightful line ups of superstar DJs and the promise of the best tunes in town. We'd have it no other way if we're honest, and this weekend like the ones before it is jam packed with quality clubbing for you all to embrace like the beat loving nutters we know you all are.

Friday 8th November 

Kick starting the weekend out of the city centre down in the student stomping grounds in Fallowfield is Lo-Life head honcho and all round top girl Lauren Lo-Sung. She's a 22 year old producer of deep, funky tech house numbers that keep dance floors gyrating untll they have to pull the plug. She has four years under her belt producing the popular Liverpool party Lo-life, which at the the age of 22 is amazing. She'll be taking over the reigns at 256 Wilmslow Road and looking to give the students a reason to get out of bed, have a shower and buy some new disco boots this Friday. Buy your ticket here!

Heading back to town (probably on the number 42 bus just because we've not been on it for time and some of the best nights and weirdest people are discovered via a trip on that bus) Friday is in full swing and the usual first friday of the month contenders are warming up the floors of our favourite clubs. FRANK are back once again this time teaming with Bootleg to present Groovebox at Underdog. If the last party is anything to go by we'll be heading down plenty early to maximise our time with those fine folks.. It's amazing to see FRANK growing each month with bookings that we would never in a million years of thought of, but that's why they produce parties, they're top at it.

Just a quick trip down the road to one of the cities favourite clubs Joshua Brooks and HiKu have produced not only our favourite event artwork of the year so far, but along with half the other promotions in town it's there first birthday! Club nights in Manchester come and go all the time, but when one successfully makes it through year numero uno, and makes it through with highlights such as a little known Hip Hop act named JURASSIC 5 coming down to your Parklife 2013 after party we think you've done alright. Onra is on hand to perform Live to help them make it a birthday to remember.

Another birthday party is brewing up in the Northern Quarter, in one of the cities finest basement party throwing establishments, 2022NQ. EXHiBiT have made serious waves this year and continue to throw parties that excite the people of Manchester in a market place rife with quality competition. Make sure you head down and say happy birthday, you can grab a ticket here! 

Saturday 9th November 

If you're like us  you see Friday and Saturday as one day and regardless of how hard you went the night before you refuse to throw in the towel incase something extraordinary is happening. The build up from September to December provides several consecutive weeks that are like this, and this Saturday is no different. The Birthday celebrations continue at Joshua Brooks, Gorilla opens for The Underground and Friends and Low down present Alex Metric at Sound Control. Buy a ticket here! 

The Underground and Friends produced a quite spectacular party last month with the in-demand producer and DJ Deetron. The entire night was included in a feature on Deetron in last months Mixmag, and got rave reviews, (including some nice words about our pals at Gorilla) from the dance music specialists. This month they return to Gorilla for the final time in 2013 and bring one of the most popular DJs around, Finnebassen to the decks. If that wasn't already enough support comes  from the Adana Twins, it turns out The Underground does have friends, and with line ups like this they'll be getting a hell of a lot more. Remember to grab a ticket here before it sells out. 

Birthday banter is on the cards once again as we head to Joshua Brooks for a techno masterclass. Resonant began one year ago at Joshua Brooks and unlike other nights that often flit from one club to another plying their trade, Resonant MCR have built a loyal following and intend on treating them on their birthday to some slamming Techno from Jon Gurd. The British techno producer is in high demand and rising through the rankings as one of the most popular DJs in the UK. Simply put this one has all the criteria that we look for in underground, individual, local promotions. Great booking. 

Sound Control bring back Lowdown who have the pleasure of bringing the screaming crowds a producer who is known for his genre hopping antics. The man  plays what he wants when he wants, and it's incredible to watch him pull the crowd from side to side swerving their emotions and sticking a middle finger to routine. 

Another weekend stacked with quality, and you can bet it'll continue for the foreseeable future until January at least. These are the golden months for clubbing in Manchester, creating top competition for the promoters making them pull out all the stops to win the crowds. Check out the full weekends listings here.