The 8 Promoters You'll Meet in Manchester

By James Brown.

Nightlife Promoters

They're responsible for endless Monday social media invites, those harrowing suicide Tuesdays after a cracking weekend, and being outrageously confident about their own music taste. Love them or hate them, we wouldn't have the club nights we have without them. We take a look at the eight promoters of Manchester.

The Breakfast Club

They promote house and techno and rarely sleep. They also love to organise Sunday morning parties in Ancoats apartments. 

The Perma-Tan Promoter

Love tanning. Love Electro. And love putting on nights with names like SEX or TWERK. 

Escaped from the Middle Class Ghetto 

HipHop and Garage. Grime and Bass. Funded by the good people of Kent. Who said the suburbs aren't ghetto?


These guys are fond of their inflatables and 'random' quirks at parties. The consider the underground too high up to commercial ladder for their alt tastes. 

The Pole Pushers 

This persuasive promoter offers a free Hummer ride to the club... in exchange for that four figure bill you've got to explain to your boss, on the company credit card. 

Billy Big Spuds


Known by many, seen by few. Tends to talk quickly and refers to himself in the third person.

Mr Guestlist

Can sort guest list to nearly anywhere in the universe. And let's you know that fact on a regular basis. 

 The White knights of the White Isle 

Despite 6 months in Ibiza every year since 2006 they still have never had a tan, or a girlfriend.