HOLI ONE Festival of Colours 2013 is coming to Manchester’s Heaton Park this August Bank holiday weekend. Adorn yourself in your brightest white clothes and join a herd of others eagerly waiting to be immersed in clouds of colourful powder on the hour, every hour from 2pm. The festival that believes ‘we are all one’, invites you to participate in this vibrant, joyous and, erm, colourful event. With live music, DJs, dancing, performance art and visual stimulation, this festival endeavours to celebrate the ‘one-ness’ of everyone involved.

India Festival

HOLI ONE Festival is an international event that has taken place in numerous countries around the world

The festival originates from India, but has toured around the world in industrious and exciting cities such as Sao Paulo, London and Cape Town. The idea behind HOLI ONE Festival originates from the Hindu Holi Festival that has been seen celebrated in India, Nepal, Pakistan, and is now growing in many other countries, communities and cultures. Also known as ‘Phagwah’ and ‘Festival of Colours’, Holi Festival has been an event that marks the start of the spring season and commemorates good harvests and fertile land. Although Manchester’s festival has no religious ties or fruit-inducing intentions, it shares the main idea that the populace should join together, celebrate the sunny seasons and enjoy life together.

Clouds of colour powder being thrown up into the air

The crowd getting dusted

HOLI ONE Manchester will be an open-air festival, with food and drink stalls nearby. The tickets are priced at £37.99 for a colour day pass which allows you entry at 12pm and permits you to stay until the end of the festival at 10pm that night. This package also includes five bags of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, allergy-free and water-soluble HOLI ONE colour powder which you are free to throw around and colour each other in with. If this is beyond your budget or requirements, do not fret, as there are other exciting packages, such as evening tickets or tickets without the powder sachets included. HOLI ONE is the only festival of its kind... Get colourful and don't miss out!

Manchester HOLI ONE Festival 2013 - Heaton Park - Saturday 24th August