Unique Bars in Manchester

Been there, drunk that? Well then, we think it's right about time that you discovered a new wealth of drinking dens in the city. Boasting an ever changing selection of unique bars and pubs, it's no wonder that Manchester is so heralded a city, we just don't do 'em like anywhere else.  Check out our recommendations for some of the most unique bars in Manchester, weaving your liquid way through a cool cataclysm of bespoke joints, basement plots and top notch tipples. 

Cane and Grain

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The Cane and Grain is obsessed with bringing the heat and spice of America's South to Manchester's humble streets; think mouth-watering ribs, bourbon cocktails and bacon-flavoured popcorn. The venue boasts 3 dazzling areas. Alongside the upstairs cocktail bar, guests can relaxed with a Tiki-themed beverage in the 'Liar's Lounge' or can tuck into a great selection of culinary treats in the 'Ribs Joint'.

Cloud 23

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Thursday Sunday Club

There's nothing quite at unique as flying, but you can't do that, so how about a bar where you can get the same kind of thrill. Towering above the city and boasting one of the best views of the Manchester skyline, vertigo patrons best leave Cloud 23 be. But those that don't suffer a fear of heights can get their fill of classy cocktails, plush chow and some of the most bespoke interiors in the city. 

Dog Bowl

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Now here's a destination that boasts something that most cool Manchester bars don't, and that's a freakin' bowling alley! Part of the popular Black Dog chain, Dog Bowl is just the bar to get your skittle kicks and seriously sought after American fare. Think premium patties, boozy milkshakes and cocktails alongside some of the best lanes in the business.

El Capo

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El Capo are already come up quirky trumps courtesy of their cool interiors and tasty tequila tipples. Looking for somewhere to drink a boisterous selection of this sought after South American tipple? No problem, El Capo boast over 70 bottles of the stuff. Pair that with their industrial interiors and avid collection of pinatas and you're in for a score of the unique sorts. 

The Washhouse

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If you gave this bar a quick glance, you'd only ever see a few washing machines – nothing out of the ordinary. But if you've made a booking, pick up the phone and you'll be transported to a cool underground speakeasy, with live music, moody lighting and a menu packed with creative cocktails.


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Art is abundant in Manchester, you need only have a gander at graffiti across the streets to see this, but how about another destination where you can get your artsy fill? Known for their ever changing roster of murals from local names and graphic artists, Common is a cool destination where the city's young and artistic get their fill of something new, almost every time. 

Bunny Jackson's is a blues and bourbon joint concerned about live music and great Southern American food. The bar's packed with whiskey, the kitchen's full of chicken wings and there's a motorbike over the entrance covered in fairy lights. The stage, where they host live music, is also caged off. It's that kind of place.

The Temple

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Let's be honest, tipples in a toilet weren't exactly what you were expecting now, were you? A stalwart on the quirky Manchester scene, The Temple is one of the most unusual bars in the city thanks to its destination alone. Found in a once public toilet just shy of Oxford Road, The Temple is a fun-filled and intimate dive bar with a cool NYC aesthetic and oh so cool stories to regale. 

If you're looking for something a bit different for your weekend antics, then The Comedy Store has got you covered with a showcase of the best names in the comedy circuit. Whether it's rising stars plucked straight from the streets or international names flown over, you'll be getting the cream of the comedy crop at this place.