Ask any of my friends if I like hot dogs, and they’ll just laugh at you. It is a truth universally acknowledged that if I am lost, you will find me at the nearest hot dog stand, gorging on my fifth hot dog, sauce dripping down my chin (true story). You can imagine my compulsion to try Splendid Sausage Co.; the thought of hot dogs, with all manner of cheesy fries, bacony goodness and jam-jar cocktails was enough to send my primal hotdog cravings loopy.

The Venue

My companion and I found the establishment like moths to a flame. Unpretentiously decorated, the interior is welcoming and relaxed, with a large black moustache shaped blackboard announcing the specials and hinting at an understated, cool, hipster vibe that Splendid Sausage Co. glances towards. With hanging lights, mismatched chairs, red leather booths and American flags dotted around the venue, Splendid Sausage feels like an American diner-esque haunt that wouldn’t feel out of place in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Having said that, it’s current location has gained a refreshing unpretentiousness by the arrival of Splendid Sausage, who welcomes all for any occasion, and a darn good sausage.

splendid sausage review

A Northern Quarter style haunt with laid back charm and cool interiors.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

We were shown to our table by friendly waiters who casually explained the menu and the concept of ‘Flip Monday’ (every Monday guests can flip a coin and if you guess correctly your meal is completely on the house!). Other like-minded sausage lovers, dressed as they had been all day, were sat on the tables beside us unashamedly stuffing their faces and chatting absent-mindedly. This is not the place you’d go for a fine dining experience, and it doesn’t pretend to be; Splendid Sausage Co. is for those who just want to splurge on calories and hang out.

splendid sausage cocktails manchester

Fine dining it may not be, but Splendid Sausage will woo hot dog patrons the city over.

The Food and Drink

The range of hot dogs is large; from ‘Classic’ choices such as the award winning ‘Cumberish’ and ‘Moroccan Lamb’, to pull-the-boat-out ‘Combos’ such as the ‘Danger Dog’ and the ‘Mighty Meaty’. The sides were just as deliciously gluttonous, with mouth-watering eggs benedict fries (which was highly recommended) and house baked beans. I opted for ‘The Welsh’, a pork sausage with ginger, coriander, leeks and a hint of chilli topped with caramelised onions and sweet peppers, and a side of chilli cheese fries (made with pulled beef, Mmm) and guacamole with a kick. I’m afraid our conversation took a halt when the food arrived and didn’t resume until after I’d finished my delectable, creamy ‘strawberry fields’ waffle for dessert. The drinks range is also a draw to Splendid Sausage Co. in its own right. My companion ordered a cucumber and rosemary gin and tonic, and proclaimed it to be the best G&T she had ever had. I opted for the green tea mojito, which perfectly balanced the heaviness of the main attraction hot dog.

splendid sausage hotdogs manchester review

Hearty and heaped, hot dogs at Splendid Sausage are an art all their very own. 


My hot dog cravings have been momentarily quelled, although I shall certainly be back to Splendid Sausage Co. for more dogs. An unpretentious establishment where hotdog fans should assemble from high and low, Splendid Sausages delivers just that.