Didsbury Lounge Chilled Didsbury Lounge Bar
43 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6TW
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What they say:

Billed as the "perfect place to hang out", Didsbury Lounge is a great restaurant and lounge bar which oozes chilled and cosmopolitan. With a spiral staircase and a glass roofed atrium as stand out design features, Didsbury Lounge is full of charm and style for the people of South Manchester. Open at 10am for coffee and breakfast, its offering doesn't stop there - open till 11pm, you can get a tasty lunch, a delicious dinner plus innovative and award-winning drinks at the bar.

What we say:

Although Didsbury is pretty small, there is a great range of bars and Didsbury Lounge won't look out of place with the quality venues already on offer. With good food and good drinks, surrounded by stunning decor and a laid back vibe, Didsbury Lounge will be pulling in visitors from far and wide with its strong selection and atmosphere.