You may well be acquainted with Odd bar in the Northern Quarter, and its sister venue, Odder Bar on Oxford Street. The queerest of them all, though, named ‘Oddest’ (strangely enough), is located in Chorlton. We went along to see just what makes it so peculiar.

The Venue

Sitting on the main road in Chorlton’s cool bar district, Oddest actually fits in quite nicely. A sizeable outdoor eating area led into an atmospheric indoor hub laced with sultry and unexpected décor. A panel of old cassette tapes arranged in a chequered pattern, lacey, burlesque-style drapes cascading from the ceiling, a brass, caged parrot perched in an alcove, and rustic Thai angel statuettes were just a few of the mismatched artefacts around us. The stressed wooden floor created a chilled out, unpretentious vibe, whilst the Moroccan mosaic lampshades added something exotic to the mix. The bar on one side of the venue, and the DJ booth and dancing space on the other, Oddest is a versatile bar with something quirky going on in every corner.

oddest bar review manchester

A bustling nook of knick knacks, pieces with off kilter charm makes Oddest the venue it is today.

The Food and Drinks

Upon arrival I was greeted with a welcome glass of Shiraz to start off the evening’s consumables. To start, my companion and I received a sharer assortment of scrumptious odds and sods consisting of a mountainous heap of mouth-watering marinated olives, mousse-y red pepper hummus, fresh flatbread and gherkins. It was a challenge to finish the entire thing; nevertheless, when our main course of steak frites arrived, we forgot we were almost full and carnivorously devoured the whole lot regardless.  For dessert, we gorged on the creamiest, most sumptuous blueberry cheesecake imaginable, which perfectly complemented the decadence of the décor. Oddest’s culinary offerings are for those who like hearty, filling, frill-free food that packs oomph and substance.  Oddest also offers a selection of cocktails to suit a multitude of tastes. The cocktails, scribed upon a wall-hanging chalkboard include classics such as a Mojito and a Dark & Stormy, which we couldn’t help but sample.

oddest food review manchester

Bold flavours make for bulging bellies at Oddest where classic, hearty dishes reign supreme.

The Atmosphere

James Blake’s fluctuating melodies and trippy orchestrations whispered in the background, as young-professionals let their hair down with a pint or two after a hard day at work. Music is a big thing at any of the Odd bars, and Oddest is no exception… funny that. The vinyl themed food and drink menus, the cassette tapes and the appearance of the DJ as the evening progressed, only emphasised this the more. Funky notes, a swelling volume, and a steadily increasing trickle of dancers prompted the transformation from chill-out eatery to night-time party venue. There is no need to don your heels or sparkly frock though; there is no need to coif your hair, Oddest welcomes the eccentrically assembled, relaxed visitor.

oddest review chorlton manchester

Musically orientated, and even a must-try mid-week, Oddest is laid back.


There’s no getting around it: Oddest is slightly peculiar... There are uniquely charming, trendy and quirky nuances hidden in nooks and crannies, that give the venue an intrinsically odd feel… most importantly though, it’s a really cool bar. I’d go, if I were you.