Grill on New York Street: Sink your teeth into one of Manchester’s prime cuts

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Last updated . By Steph Whalley.

Each city has a bespoke assemblage of threads which embroider its own unique historical tapestry. London has its roots in industrialism, Liverpool has a celebrated biography in cotton trading and Manchester, well Manchester is known for its music of course. Some of the greatest musicians the world has ever seen have roamed the streets of Manchester, oblivious to the fact that they would still be influencing a generation of bucket hat bandits to this very day. One thing Manchester hasn’t historically been recognised for though is its culinary landscape. However in recent years, the city seems to have really found itself an appetite and one of the most celebrated restaurants on the scene right now is Grill on New York Street - sister to the unwaveringly popular Grill on the Alley.

Venue & Atmosphere

As the name very conveniently suggests, Grill on New York Street is in fact situated along the bustling work-hard-play-hard stretch of New York Street. Industrial-luxe decor and leather-clad seating allows the venue an expensive feel, while the familiar waitstaff in their dicky bows and Doc Martens give the place a cool, modern edge. Perhaps the best thing about Grill on New York Street is that they’ve got all of the substance to match the style. Polished wine glasses upturned on the well-dressed tables come with a comprehensive drinks list designed to complement the edibles and staff are regularly tested on their knowledge of the menu and its ingredients. You know you’re in good hands here.

Grill on New York Street Review

Industrial and slick, Grill on New York Street is keeping it cool for your next date night.

Food & Drink

Demonstrating my point all too perfectly, the first thing my eye landed on as I perused the drinks menu was a sloe gin-based cocktail crafted to complement the Australian fillet steak. For those who like the sound of this particular muddle, it goes by the name of Steak Holder but it wasn’t actually the poison we picked for the evening. We sipped our way through a Hazelnut Chocolate (£8 - Tanqueray, Frangelico) and a Monkey Old Fashioned with banana liqueur (£10) from the dessert cocktail menu, both chased by a BH Espresso Martini (£9 - complete with grated tonka bean) and a Rhubarb Sling (£8) laced with ribbons of fresh rhubarb.

In terms of the edible offering, what came to the table was every bit worth the hype. The food menu is split into a number of segments including - but not exclusive to - starters, Favourites and the Butcher’s Block which is a selection of matured meat weighed and cut at your table. Salivating profusely after our talk through the menu, we were quick to get our order into the kitchen. For starters we went for the Piri Piri Calamari (£7) with garlic dip and oriental crackers and the Short Rib Bonbons (£8) which came with a crisp coating, rich meaty filling and a beautiful burnt onion mayonnaise.

For the main event we settled on a chateaubriand pour deux (£58) from the Sharing Cuts menu - 400g of juicy, melt-in-the-mouth meat which collapsed as soon as it made contact with our cutlery. Serving two diners who like their meat cooked differently proved no obstacle either as our meat was halved and cooked to our bespoke requirements. We devoured our steak with a skillet of buttery mash potato, some steamed broccoli and a jug of rich red wine gravy that tied the whole dish together. A classic, simple combination but executed to absolute perfection.

Grill on New York Street Review

Meat-lovers you've been warned: Grill on New York Street is going to seduce you in every way.


Grill on New York Street might be one of a chain of restaurants but had I not known this previously, I never would have guessed. The food is first class and the service is second to none so if you’re searching for somewhere to save for a special occasion or you’re looking to impress a client, send this one straight to the top of your hit list. Think big hearty flavours with an elegant finesse and a bar menu that is way beyond your average. If you’re a vegetarian, steer clear.