Budget Cocktails in Manchester

Whether you're a scrimper, saver or haymaker looking to save a little fare, your taste buds need not suffer for your spending sins. From crafty concoctions to wistful classics, we've cultivated a list of some of the finest in pocket friendly cocktails in the city; be these 2-4-1 darlings or happy hour hotties, you'll be gluggin' like a good'un. Check out our recommendations for some of the best budget cocktails and put a firm two fingers up to extortionately priced tipples. Not on our watch!

Good news, everyone: with 2-4-1 cocktails all day every day, you can get more tipsy than ever before on any night of the week. Get boozy without burning a hole in your pocket and enjoy a unique range of 'Bling' cocktails, new inventions with delicious new infusions to set your taste buds alight. This pub is a buzzing den waiting for you in the middle of Albert Square.


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An experience in cocktails like no other in Manchester, Apotheca are at the forefront of mixology in the city thanks to their mind boggling concoctions and scientifically bound boozy endeavours. But should you have to pay through the nose for such a liquid adventure? No you shouldn't. And luckily for you Apotheca's happy hour means that two of these tasty tipples come in at a mere £6.