Art Bars in Manchester

Are you looking for a cool place to hang with loads of arty things going on around you, man? We’ve got the lowdown of Art Bars in Manchester for all you artistes and art lovers out there. You won’t need a beret to gain entry, but these are places where your wooden paint-palette is more welcome than other establishments in Manchester. From imaginatively decorated bars, to bars that regularly showcase art exhibitions or support local or emerging artists, our list will take you through the best artistic hideaways in Manchester.

The Art of Tea

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The Art of Tea cafe bar in Didsbury is a sanctuary for all pensive artistic types. Adjoining a second-hand book shop, you are invited to browse the selection of classic literature and more to inspire or relax you. With live music nights, a cafe food menu and a drinks menu for the evening, this cafe bar attracts those who love art in all its forms.


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With an ever rotating display of artists' collections adorning the walls, you can see why Common bar in the Northern Quarter springs to mind. A hipster's hub, Common is usually full of bohemian twenty-somethings swarming to their well stocked bar and guest DJ Nights. With regular art and photography exhibitions on display in the 'Kestrel Suite' second room and the walls of the main bar being handpainted by a different local illustrator every few months , Common is a place to indulge in some culture in a relaxed and cool bar environment.