Around The World in 10 Manchester Bars

Whether it's funds, a fear of flights, or sheer laziness getting in your way, you need not travel the globe to savour some of its delectable wares, you need only walk out of your front door. A hubbub of international activity, you'll find everything from Italian inspiration, Thai tastes and Cuban crooners, and all in some of Manchester's finest. From basement boozers to tiki taverns, stamp your liquid passport on a route through some of Manchester's most beloved on our Around The World in 10 Bars drinking endeavour.

Dog Bowl

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Ready to get stuck into the U.S of YAY? One of the most unique bars in the city, Dog Bowl is a damn dime for those of you looking to try something different in Manchester. A fun filled-blend of bowling alley and bashful eatery, Dog Bowl are waving their American paws in the air like they just don't care with cocktails, boozy milkshakes, beef brisket burgers and smoked chicken wings with blue cheese sauce.

Turtle Bay

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Ready for a jaunt to Jamaica? Then pop on 'yer Factor 50 folks, this is one serious sunshine inspired haunt. While the interiors boast an upmost air of contemporary cool, smattered in between murals of the forever infamous Marley, Turtle Bay retains a shack-esque edge. With Caribbean fare, rum laced cocktails and jerk dishes in tow, Turtle Bay are coming up tropical trumps.


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Seriously though, Spain. If we haven't all been on holiday there, we like to think that most of us would like to. With one heck of a heritage and a top selection of plates, it's no wonder than one Manchester restaurant and bar have taken the country under their wing. Toting flashes of a true Havana, rich citrus tones and tasty tapas inspired plates, this cantina inspired haunt is heartwarming Spanish sass.


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The delicious aim is in the name. A brand new restaurant bar in the heart of Spinningfields, Thaikhun is one of Manchester's most forward facing street food destinations. With street food their sole fare, Thaikhun bring a true taste of the east to the city with Bangkok inspired soups and food alongside a selection of Eastern inspired cocktails. Think rickshaw's, paper lanterns and more.

El Capo

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It may be one of the newest liquid lairs in Manchester, but El Capo is already sealing one sweet South American deal. Toting more tequila than you've had hot dinners, El Capo boast over 70 bottles of the brazen stuff, all shared alongside their collection of cocktail corkers, industrial interiors and authentic tapas inspired street food. Dally on down to warmer climates, and stiffer drinks at El Capo.

Vermilion & Cinnabar

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Another Manchester restaurant bar boasting a sassy level of Asian attitude, Vermilion & Cinnabar is as opulent as them come. A booming venue just shy of Manchester City's football stadium, Vermilion & Cinnabar is fresh, eye-catching and a truly unique destination for Eastern fare. Owned the the UK's largest prawn importer, this Asian haunt will dazzle your palate with its edible prowess and late night party style.