Cocktails in Old Street Tube Station you say? Your first thought wouldn’t be an evening full of high quality, innovative drinks in a cosy environment as they so describe it...or would it? Certainly not for me. Being the tireless cocktail-warrior that I am, I took one for the team, set my first thoughts aside, and toddled on down to see what the Underground Drinking Club was all about.


Old Street Station can be a windy and cold place to be, but walking into the Drinking Club’s pop-up was like entering a new realm. It was a cosy yet well spaced area, with exactly enough room for the amount of people cocktail-ing there. Offbeat - who have partnered with New York’s Grouper Social Club - seemed to have nailed their first location, in the series of monthly popups that are to follow.

Underground Drinking Club

Hidden beneath Old Street Station, the UDC isn't quite what you first might expect.


I was immediately warmed when I entered the cocktail den in both body and mind. The space was lit with candlelight and there was a sense of calmness and tranquility on arrival, while also giving off a sense of "let’s get the party started right now!". Ideal for a Friday night, I mean - it'd be rude not to wouldn't it?! With a fun mix of music that isn’t too intrusive, it’s easy to chat and even mix with the people who share the same table as you. Expect quirky favours on your table, along with fresh berries and fruity treats to indulge in.

Underground Drinking Club

The vibe was laid-back, fun and flirty all evening.


As I was seated, almost immediately a tall lightly coloured cocktail arrived in front of me, which I welcomed with open arms. A make shift but professional bar holds an abundance of cocktail making ingredients, and you can expect a new cocktail to arrive on completion of the last. I could get used to this. You can have an input into what you want or leave it up to the very friendly and helpful barmen that are showing off their mixology skills. The cocktails come in a mix of strengths so be prepared for something a little stronger than usual at times.

Underground Drinking Club

Cocktails ahoy! Who knew the underground was so tasty?


Having all the elements of a fun and quirky pop up, The Underground Drinking Club is definitely worth a visit. It’s got a date atmosphere while also having a group vibe if you feel like mingling with the people next to you. Two hours is more than enough time to test a variety of cocktails so arrive thirsty and let the experts do the rest.

Want to join in the fun? To keep up to date with the UDC and their future events, you can sign up here.