Where To Find Brunch In Brixton

With its mass of great bars and clubs, Brixton has been the cause of many a hangover, but it's starting to make amends. Step onto Atlantic Road or Acre Lane of a Saturday or Sunday morning and you'll find all manner of delicious Brixton brunch restaurants. From health-focused detox breakfasts, to bottomless Margaritas and artisan pizzas, if you're looking for where to find brunch in Brixton you're spoilt for choice, so we've rounded up the cream of the brunch club crop to help you out.

Last updated on 22nd November 2019

Canova Hall

269 user reviews 4

Pizza or brunch? Pizza? Or brunch? It's the ultimate hangover conundrum, but all you dirty stop-outs can quite fretting and get yourselves down to Canova Hall for the ultimate selection of pizza and classic brunch options, along with some more maverick additions like slow beef rigatoni and fried chicken with watermelon. Don't miss sister site Cattivo across the road for something different.

Blues Kitchen Brixton

21 user reviews 4

A long-standing stalwart on the Brixton brunch scene, Blues Kitchen is there for you through the thickest and thinnest of your hungover hunger needs. Think Padron peppers, Cajun popcorn squid, breakfast burgers and Creole crab benedicts  as well as the classic brunch go-tos - all the perfect companion for a strong coffee and one of their house cocktails.

First Aid Box

59 user reviews 4

With a glorious view of Brockwell Park, First Aid Box offers one of the best brunches in Brixton. It should be noted - this is far from a greasy fry-up affair. Specialising in health-focused, seasonal and beautifully presented food, the First Aid Box brunch is one for those looking for something fresh and cleansing, even if you do sink a bunch of their yummy cocktails alongside.