New bar spy - Lost Boys Pizza & Croque Monsieur

Lost Boys Pizza Are Opening A New Location With A Secret Absinthe Bar

Lost Boys Pizza & Croque Monsieur

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December 2018

Already one of Archway's finest pizzerias, the Lost Boys Pizza team aren't done with owning the North London slice scene quite yet. Taking up some new digs near Mornington Crescent the second location from the vampire-themed eatery is taking the 80's nostalgia and general silliness up a further notch.

Taking inspiration from the Frog Brothers' comic book store from the the original movie, the interiors will see neon-lit windows, a brass-panel bar top and an enormous statement cocktail umbrella lamp taking up the main dining space.

Split between a dining area, garden and basement absinthe bar, Croque Monsieur, the venue offers a little more room and variety than its sister site, but it will be serving up the same great pizzas made with the restaurant's signature black charcoal base. Each baring a vampiric title, the pizzas feature an eclectic range of toppings, from chorizo, pepper and chilli to a vegan special of kale, tomatoes, caramelised shallots, lemon zest and oregano - a.k.a. 'Kale All Vampires'.

While the upstairs bar will be shaking up a range of quirky cocktails - such as the Necroni and rum and passionfruit-laced, Stranger Tings - downstairs it's all about the green stuff. From absinthe fountains on every table to a range of cocktails designed to suit all tastes, Croque Monsieur is set to be one of North London's most curious bars. From its green tinge to its stained glass window, it's a fun gothic hideaway that even boasts a dressing up box.