Best Boozy Milkshakes in London

Ever wondered whose milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard? Well look no further. A boozy milkshake is truly the best of two worlds; retrieve a sense of childhood wonder and innocence with a milkshake whilst enjoying the added adult benefits of drinking alcohol. Check out our recommended list of the best places to grab a boozy milkshake in London.

Blues Kitchen Camden

Since its inception, the Blues Kitchen in Camden has aimed to bring the Deep South to London, serving up some delicious drinks and food from their soul kitchen. Knowing a thing or two about cocktails, they'll whip some truly original mixes that will simply amaze you. With a strong selection of boozy shakes, start off with a basic flavour such as vanilla or chocolate then choose your liquor to spice things up. You're certain to not regret it. 

All Star Lanes Holborn

Just a stone's throw away from Holborn station you'll All Star Lanes, a fun and intimate bowling alley-cum-restaurant that is famed for its killer cocktails. With a retro American interior design, it's a cool place to go with friends for a entertaining evening of bowling. Cocktail experts, they also have a good selection of alcoholic shakes with all sorts of flavours such as 'Bacardi Gold Rum 'n' Raisin' and Jack Daniel's Mint and Julep Shake.

Ed's Easy Diner

The original Ed's Easy Diner first set up in 1987, this Soho venue is home to great food, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and some of the best boozy shakes found in the capital. With a wide selection of shakes to choose from to enjoy with a delicious and hearty meal, it's definitely worth a visit. 

The Love Shake

A 1950's style American cafe on Shoreditch Junction, The Love Shake is a great restaurant and milkshake bar that always delivers. Enjoy numerous alcoholic shakes in an incredibly authentic retro atmosphere from a "Mars Attack" to an "Oreeto" (not just a great pun but also a mix between Oreo cookies and Amaretto) that are definitely not to be missed.


While MEATmarket is predominantly known for its unapologetically decadent menu, serving belt-busting burgers that would cure any hangover, they also supply some very nifty boozy shakes to also help you on your road to recovery. 'Vanilla & Rum' and 'Bourbon & Maple Syrup' are just some of the many delicacies to try, which some claim are even better than the burgers...