Grand Union Camden - DJ Bar Review

By Katie Kirwan.

Grand Union's Camden offering has a substantial amount to give. From tiki-themed rooms and cocktail deals to DJs who more than get my vote, Grand Union Camden is a great London DJ bar in the city for relaxed tipples.

The Venue

Whilst the bar out front boasts a whimsical country dining feel with floral wallpaper, rustic wooden tables and tassle-adorned lampshades; the back bar harbours an exotic secret. Tiki huts for up to 10 people? Yes please! Whilst I was a little jealous that our table was in the cosy little 'snug' area and not a tiki-hut out back, they're made for party groups, and a living room themed front bar suited us just fine!

gu camden review

From the whimsical to the down right tiki-tastic, the Grand Union Camden does a theme well.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Whilst I was surprised that Grand Union wasn't heaving on a Friday night in London, the bar was still brimming with a selection of London's cool clientele and some hen night ladies. The tiki-licious huts located out back were teeming with party guests; my suspicions are that people may consider the place a little quiet on entry, but don't make haste folks, there are always people partying here! Sure, it takes a little detour to discover, but Grand Union still manages to attract a healthy bunch of cool Camden locals. If I can say anything about this bar, it's about my appreciation for a DJ spinning classic 90's RnB; he got the vibe spot on.

 gu camden review 2

There's a relaxed, fun and friendly vibe on a Friday night.

The Food and Drinks

Now here was a chipper little find as soon as I walked through the door, 2-4-1 on the same cocktails until 8pm? Another round please barman! Thanks to a knowledgeable staff member I was tucking into two Soleros in no time, and guess what folks? They tasted just like Soleros! The cocktail menu at Grand Union Camden is of a pretty decent size and their shot menu, whilst only boasting a selection of less than 10, has some pretty unique treats. Cocktail bars in London have been popular recently so it's no surprise that Grand Union benefit from the Happy Hour push! 

Whilst the food menu boasted all sorts of tasty American classics from burgers to pizza, we decided to dabble in their 'Plates' selection. We may have only ordered three small plates for £12.95 including deep fried camembert and potato skins but that was than enough to keep us full for the rest of the evening. Very tasty too.

 gu camden

Cocktails that taste like ice lollies and unique shots? Grand Union Camden have their fruity bevvies down. 


This is a great little Camden haunt that I'm pretty chuffed to have found! And whilst I'm no raging party animal, Grand Union Camden suited a lady like me rather well, avid drinkers and dancers in London might find the dance floor a little empty. But dancing's out and sitting down with cool drinks and food is in anyway.