The North Pole pub charmed the pants of us with its independent spirit, lovely beer garden, caring staff, vinyl jukebox and amazing home-cooked food when we visited the newly refurbished Islington pub in August 2012.

The North Pole serving up craft beers


Ambience and Décor 

The North Pole is a wholesome English pub wearing an idealistic cape promoting a resistance to the Man and the cattle-like standard procedures of mass production establishments.

The refurbished traditional pub re-opened in June 2012, brilliantly adapted to suit modern curiosities. It has a gentle colour palette, a centre piece piano and golden frames broken up with quirky treasures sprinkled around shelves, walls and ceiling, waiting patiently to be discovered. The 60s music vinyl juke box provides a soothing happy-go-lucky soundtrack. A wooden air plane hangs from the ceiling, the coat rack is made of spoons and simple quotes send soul tumbling messages from the walls such as: “The drunken mind speaks the sober heart.”

Plenty of foliage at The North Pole

The pub has a a nook and cranny for any desire with a dining area, mezzanine with a flat screen TV, beer garden and a games room where youcan play pin ball or Space Invaders. They specialise in craft beer and offer a sweeping and ever-changing selection of drafts, hand pumps and bottles, far flown brews as well as an impressive catalogue of local breweries.

The beer garden at The North Pole


Clientele and Atmosphere

The North Pole is warm and welcoming and we adored the beer garden, preciously hidden at the back of the pub. It's a divine space with picnic tables and a generous spell of sunshine throughout the evening. Sheltered from chilly winds and with plants helping you to breathe easy, it’s already a cherished meet up point and when we visited the patrons dwelled for hours. The only movement on the terrace was the arms of the roman inspired wall clock sweeping silently in a wide orbit on the light wall. People were drinking jugs of Pimms with lush servings of fruit, fresh strawberries and a dense shrubbery of mint, having a smoke, a beer or a meal. Friends and couples in their late twenties with bicycle helmets and sailor shoes dominate the terrace on this occasion but an inclusive air dominate the pub, welcoming people from all walks of life to mix and mingle here.

The well-informed staff were friendly and caring and with a joke, smile or recommendation that seemed to come from an honest place. Emma who served us won us over like a tsunami with her northern accent and sweet demeanour.


Food and Drink 

When food is brought out by beaming waitresses it’s surrounded by a delicious barbecue aroma and conjuring an air of envy. The presentation is impeccable in a charming, authentic looking way. Each dish looks like a labour of love. Our favourites were the ribs: tender in their barbecue sauce coating with a nice complementing twist of orange. The drool attained is helpful to wipe your slightly messy lips with after the pleasant, although unavoidably barbaric devouring. The potato salad is fresh and the sliders are not only irresistibly cute but packing a flavour bomb, bursting on your palate. The food is all about quality- simple but perfect.

Pork scratchings with apple sauce and Scotch Egg starters to my friend's great fancy


The drinks selection is alluring with so many interesting beers and ciders to try. Craft beer experts will find a new favourite and locals have a chance to revel in the accomplishments of nearby breweries like London Fields, Hackney Brewery and Greenwich, to name a few. The staff have a first degree in beer safari and helped us with surgical precision to find an exciting pint of our liking, but the North Pole have yet to venture into cocktails.

A well stocked bar at The North Pole



Only a short walk from Old Street or Angel tube station this pub by Regents Canal is a pub you can bring anyone to and know they’ll love it. We will definitely be back, and will snatch up a free loyalty card which gives you a great deal on both food and drinks. We’re also looking forward to the advent of live music that is brewing in the pipeline.