There's many a historical association with Jack 'o' Lantern carving, be that guiding guises through the Halloween streets, carving turnips in Ireland, or the representation of Christian souls in purgatory. But let's not get too muddled in that mumbo jumbo just yet, you've some pumpkin guts to be getting your mitts all stuck into.

As the witching hour approaches, and the city's undead come to play, there's one reliable ol' destination in the city where you can count on a little carving and cocktail cavorting. Host every year to a Jack 'o' Lantern jaunt, October at Drink Shop & Do becomes a pumpkin playground for those that think schlepping out vegetable innards in their kitchen is just too much a fuss to cater to. Let's be honest, you're only going to stick it in a food bin and lull over pictures of pumpkin pies on Pinterest instead.

pumpkin carving drink shop do

Decked out in Halloween garms, Drink Shop & Do set a pumpking carving scene.

Heading down to Kings Cross to wield knives with the general public (Note, you do have to sign a safety waiver, there's no getting stab happy at Drink Shop and Do, not ever), Drink Shop & Do have kept their crafty innards alive with a dash of Halloween. From paper streamers and candlelit tables, to orange lanterns and cutesy props, they set a grand pumpkin carving scene for those after a little late night hocus pocus.

Investing in their plush Halloween cocktail for just £8, we got given our free pumpkin, and of course got set to make complete and utter carving history. I'm pretty sure that we were the only guests in the room that took to our bulging vegetables with an annoying level of ambition. A pacman themed set of pumpkins? We'll go with that. Someone will Instagram that. IT'S A PAC-KIN. Two hours later, and a few injuries, all of course owed to our idiotic enthusiasm, we'd had a blast.

pumpkin carving london halloween

Forget chat and charming banter, well, only if you're as annoyingly ambitious as us.

Ever social and always tasty, Drink Shop & Do continue to rustle up cutesy event alternatives for those after something a little different, be that pumpkin carving, swing classes, or papier mache monsters. Next year? I'm bringing some ultimate pumpkin props. And plasters, definitely some plasters.