New Partnership - World's Best Bars


Here at DesignMyNight, we've always prided ourselves on working with the best and brightest of the industry. So with that in mind, we're completely chuffed to officially announce we're now working with one of the most esteemed websites in the industry,

WorldsBestBars is a trailblazing site with a curated directory made up of more than 2,000 of the best hangouts on the planet. Using a tried and tested review methodology, they are constantly updating their arsenal of content, providing for tailored nightlife information, the world over. Between our two sites, we have a mutual passion for sharing the latest and greatest goings on in the nightlife scene.

But what does this mean? Well quite simply, it means that customers of either our sites can now browse and book into the best bars of their city! You'll be able to book into any of the bars that use our revolutionary Collins Booking Software, at no extra cost to you or any of the parties involved. 

Basically - it's a win/win all round, and we hope you like the results!