Leighanne Bent

Articles written: 100

Irish version of Bridget Jones who has a deep love for all things prosecco.

  • Favourite cocktail bar
  • Favourite restaurant
    Bintang in Kentish Town
  • Special skill
    Making world-class negronis

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The Mayflower - London Pub Review

The Mayflower
South London

You don’t need me telling you that January is the worst month of the year; it's already a well known fact. There’s next to nothing to do, and you have...
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The Brackenbury - London Restaurant Review

The Brackenbury

Surprises. Some people love ‘em. Some people hate ‘em. Me? I’m somewhere in between. The Brackenbury, located in Hammersmith, boast a menu that changes daily. As Forest Gump once said,...
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Walkers of Whitehall - London Restaurant Review

Walkers of Whitehall
Central London

If it weren’t for the whole ‘gaining a gazillion pounds’ aspect, I’d be a three-course dining kinda gal all the freaking time. Unfortunately, I’ve got that type of metabolism where...
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